what we do

LFIOT works with Non-Profits, Healthcare, and IT Managed Services companies and provides…

We don’t just fill in.  We FIT in.  LFIOT steps in with expert, practical, proactive management, keeping processes and people running smoothly and within budget, ensuring continuity with your proprietary processes, until the new CFO is in place.

Filling functional gaps outside of finance… LFIOT has resources to help and fill in with HR, Operations, IT and Admin until FTE’s are hired.

We train and coach CFO’s, Controllers, and Finance Directors for industry expertise, technical acumen, and just as importantly, fit, credibility, and relevancy within the organization.  Your success is our success.

When growing or adapting, organizations often experience declining profits and even cash flow challenges.  It’s solvable.  We work with you and your team to find and deal with the drivers and hidden opportunities, and also maintain a strong network of treasury connections for any financing needed.

Things happen.  A business can sometimes find itself on it’s back foot.  We are your tactical experienced teammate and work together to turn things around.  We counsel and execute with a plan of action.